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SB 4.10.6

dadhmau śaṅkhaṁ bṛhad-bāhuḥ
 khaṁ diśaś cānunādayan
yenodvigna-dṛśaḥ kṣattar
 upadevyo ’trasan bhṛśam
dadhmau — blew; śaṅkham — conchshell; bṛhat-bāhuḥ — the mighty-armed; kham — the sky; diśaḥ ca — and all directions; anunādayan — causing to resound; yena — by which; udvigna-dṛśaḥ — appeared very anxious; kṣattaḥ — my dear Vidura; upadevyaḥ — the wives of the Yakṣas; atrasan — became frightened; bhṛśam — greatly.
Maitreya continued: My dear Vidura, as soon as Dhruva Mahārāja reached Alakāpurī, he immediately blew his conchshell, and the sound reverberated throughout the entire sky and in every direction. The wives of the Yakṣas became very much frightened. From their eyes it was apparent that they were full of anxiety.