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SB 3.8.14

sa padma-kośaḥ sahasodatiṣṭhat
 kālena karma-pratibodhanena
sva-rociṣā tat salilaṁ viśālaṁ
 vidyotayann arka ivātma-yoniḥ
saḥ — that; padma-kośaḥ — bud of a lotus flower; sahasā — suddenly; udatiṣṭhat — appeared; kālena — by time; karma — fruitive activities; pratibodhanena — awakening; sva-rociṣā — by its own effulgence; tat — that; salilam — water of devastation; viśālam — vast; vidyotayan — illuminating; arkaḥ — the sun; iva — like; ātma-yoniḥ — generating from the Personality of Viṣṇu.
Piercing through, this sum total form of the fruitive activity of the living entities took the shape of the bud of a lotus flower generated from the Personality of Viṣṇu, and by His supreme will it illuminated everything, like the sun, and dried up the vast waters of devastation.