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SB 3.6.26

sattvaṁ cāsya vinirbhinnaṁ
 mahān dhiṣṇyam upāviśat
cittenāṁśena yenāsau
 vijñānaṁ pratipadyate
sattvam — consciousness; ca — also; asya — of the gigantic form; vinirbhinnam — being separately manifested; mahān — the total energy, mahat-tattva; dhiṣṇyam — with control; upāviśat — entered into; cittena aṁśena — along with His part of consciousness; yena — by which; asau — the living entity; vijñānam — specific knowledge; pratipadyate — cultivates.
Thereafter, when His consciousness separately manifested itself, the total energy, mahat-tattva, entered with His conscious part. Thus the living entity is able to conceive specific knowledge.