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SB 3.6.20

gudaṁ puṁso vinirbhinnaṁ
 mitro lokeśa āviśat
pāyunāṁśena yenāsau
 visargaṁ pratipadyate
gudam — evacuating outlet; puṁsaḥ — of the gigantic form; vinirbhinnam — being separately manifested; mitraḥ — the sun-god; loka-īśaḥ — the director named Mitra; āviśat — entered; pāyunā aṁśena — with the partial evacuation process; yena — by which; asau — the living entity; visargam — evacuation; pratipadyate — performs.
The evacuating channel separately became manifest, and the director named Mitra entered into it with partial organs of evacuation. Thus the living entities are able to pass stool and urine.