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SB 3.6.14

nirbhinne aśvinau nāse
 viṣṇor āviśatāṁ padam
ghrāṇenāṁśena gandhasya
 pratipattir yato bhavet
nirbhinne — thus being separated; aśvinau — the dual Aśvinīs; nāse — of the two nostrils; viṣṇoḥ — of the Lord; āviśatām — entering; padam — post; ghrāṇena aṁśena — by partially smelling; gandhasya — aroma; pratipattiḥ — experience; yataḥ — whereupon; bhavet — becomes.
When the Lord’s two nostrils separately manifested themselves, the dual Aśvinī-kumāras entered them in their proper positions, and because of this the living entities can smell the aromas of everything.