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SB 3.32.17

rajasā kuṇṭha-manasaḥ
 kāmātmāno ’jitendriyāḥ
pitṝn yajanty anudinaṁ
 gṛheṣv abhiratāśayāḥ
rajasā — by the mode of passion; kuṇṭha — full of anxieties; manasaḥ — their minds; kāma-ātmānaḥ — aspiring for sense gratification; ajita — uncontrolled; indriyāḥ — their senses; pitṝn — the forefathers; yajanti — they worship; anudinam — every day; gṛheṣu — in home life; abhirata — engaged; āśayāḥ — their minds.
Such persons, impelled by the mode of passion, are full of anxieties and always aspire for sense gratification due to uncontrolled senses. They worship the forefathers and are busy day and night improving the economic condition of their family, social or national life.