SB 3.23.30

athādarśe svam ātmānaṁ
 sragviṇaṁ virajāmbaram
virajaṁ kṛta-svastyayanaṁ
 kanyābhir bahu-mānitam
atha — then; ādarśe — in a mirror; svam ātmānam — her own reflection; srak-viṇam — adorned with a garland; viraja — unsullied; ambaram — robes; virajam — freed from all bodily dirt; kṛta-svasti-ayanam — decorated with auspicious marks; kanyābhiḥ — by the maids; bahu-mānitam — very respectfully served.
Then in a mirror she beheld her own reflection. Her body was completely freed from all dirt, and she was adorned with a garland. Dressed in unsullied robes and decorated with auspicious marks of tilaka, she was served very respectfully by the maids.