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SB 3.22.38

yaḥ pṛṣṭo munibhiḥ prāha
 dharmān nānā-vidhāñ chubhān
nṛṇāṁ varṇāśramāṇāṁ ca
 sarva-bhūta-hitaḥ sadā
yaḥ — who; pṛṣṭaḥ — being questioned; munibhiḥ — by the sages; prāha — spoke; dharmān — the duties; nānā-vidhān — many varieties; śubhān — auspicious; nṛṇām — of human society; varṇa-āśramāṇām — of the varṇas and āśramas; ca — and; sarva-bhūta — for all living beings; hitaḥ — who does welfare; sadā — always.
In reply to questions asked by certain sages, he [Svāyambhuva Manu], out of compassion for all living entities, taught the diverse sacred duties of men in general and the different varṇas and āśramas.