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SB 3.19.19

dyaur naṣṭa-bhagaṇābhraughaiḥ
varṣadbhiḥ pūya-keśāsṛg-
 viṇ-mūtrāsthīni cāsakṛt
dyauḥ — the sky; naṣṭa — having disappeared; bha-gaṇa — luminaries; abhra — of clouds; oghaiḥ — by masses; sa — accompanied by; vidyut — lightning; stanayitnubhiḥ — and thunder; varṣadbhiḥ — raining; pūya — pus; keśa — hair; asṛk — blood; viṭ — stool; mūtra — urine; asthīni — bones; ca — and; asakṛt — again and again.
The luminaries in outer space disappeared due to the sky’s being overcast with masses of clouds, which were accompanied by lightning and thunder. The sky rained pus, hair, blood, stool, urine and bones.