SB 3.17.11

kharāś ca karkaśaiḥ kṣattaḥ
 khurair ghnanto dharā-talam
khārkāra-rabhasā mattāḥ
 paryadhāvan varūthaśaḥ
kharāḥ — asses; ca — and; karkaśaiḥ — hard; kṣattaḥ — O Vidura; khuraiḥ — with their hooves; ghnantaḥ — striking; dharā-talam — the surface of the earth; khāḥ-kāra — braying; rabhasāḥ — wildly engaged in; mattāḥ — mad; paryadhāvan — ran hither and thither; varūthaśaḥ — in herds.
O Vidura, the asses ran hither and thither in herds, striking the earth with their hard hooves and wildly braying.

Asses also feel very respectable as a race, and when they run in flocks hither and thither in so-called jollity, it is understood to be a bad sign for human society.