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SB 3.14.43

na brahma-daṇḍa-dagdhasya
 na bhūta-bhayadasya ca
nārakāś cānugṛhṇanti
 yāṁ yāṁ yonim asau gataḥ
na — never; brahma-daṇḍa — punishment by a brāhmaṇa; dagdhasya — of one who is so punished; na — neither; bhūta-bhaya-dasya — of one who is always fearful to the living entities; ca — also; nārakāḥ — those condemned to hell; ca — also; anugṛhṇanti — do any favor; yām yām — whichever; yonim — species of life; asau — the offender; gataḥ — goes.
A person who is condemned by a brāhmaṇa or is always fearful to other living entities is not favored either by those who are already in hell or by those in the species in which he is born.

A practical example of a condemned species of life is the dog. Dogs are so condemned that they never show any sympathy to their contemporaries.