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SB 3.12.17

alaṁ prajābhiḥ sṛṣṭābhir
 īdṛśībhiḥ surottama
mayā saha dahantībhir
 diśaś cakṣurbhir ulbaṇaiḥ
alam — unnecessary; prajābhiḥ — by such living entities; sṛṣṭābhiḥ — generated; īdṛśībhiḥ — of this type; sura-uttama — O best among the demigods; mayā — me; saha — along with; dahantībhiḥ — who are burning; diśaḥ — all sides; cakṣurbhiḥ — by the eyes; ulbaṇaiḥ — fiery flames.
Brahmā told Rudra: O best among the demigods, there is no need for you to generate living entities of this nature. They have begun to devastate everything on all sides with the fiery flames from their eyes, and they have even attacked me.