SB 2.9.26

tathāpi nāthamānasya
 nātha nāthaya nāthitam
parāvare yathā rūpe
 jānīyāṁ te tv arūpiṇaḥ
tathā api — in spite of that; nāthamānasya — of the one who is asking for; nātha — O Lord; nāthaya — please award; nāthitam — as it is desired; para-avare — in the matter of mundane and transcendental; yathā — as it is; rūpe — in the form; jānīyām — may it be known; te — Your; tu — but; arūpiṇaḥ — one who is formless.
In spite of that, my Lord, I am praying to You to kindly fulfill my desire. May I please be informed how, in spite of Your transcendental form, You assume the mundane form, although You have no such form at all.