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SB 2.8.12

yāvān kalpo vikalpo vā
 yathā kālo ’numīyate
 āyur-mānaṁ ca yat sataḥ
yāvān — as it is; kalpaḥ — the duration of time between creation and annihilation; vikalpaḥ — subsidiary creation and annihilation; — either; yathā — as also; kālaḥ — the time; anumīyate — is measured; bhūta — past; bhavya — future; bhavat — present; śabdaḥ — sound; āyuḥ — duration of life; mānam — measurement; ca — also; yat — which; sataḥ — of all living beings in all planets.
Also please explain the duration of time between creation and annihilation, and that of other subsidiary creations, as well as the nature of time, indicated by the sound of past, present and future. Also, please explain the duration and measurement of life of the different living beings known as the demigods, the human beings, etc., in different planets of the universe.

Past, present and future are different features of time to indicate the duration of life for the universe and all its paraphernalia, including the different living beings in different planets.