SB 12.7.19

vyatirekānvayo yasya
māyā-mayeṣu tad brahma
 jīva-vṛttiṣv apāśrayaḥ
vyatireka — the presence as separate; anvayaḥ — and as conjoint; yasya — of which; jāgrat — within waking consciousness; svapna — sleep; suṣuptiṣu — and deep sleep; māyā-mayeṣu — within the products of the illusory energy; tat — that; brahma — the Absolute Truth; jīva-vṛttiṣu — within the functions of the living entities; apāśrayaḥ — the unique shelter.
The Supreme Absolute Truth is present throughout all the stages of awareness — waking consciousness, sleep and deep sleep — throughout all the phenomena manifested by the illusory energy, and within the functions of all living entities, and He also exists separate from all these. Thus situated in His own transcendence, He is the ultimate and unique shelter.