SB 12.7.17

naimittikaḥ prākṛtiko
 nitya ātyantiko layaḥ
saṁstheti kavibhiḥ proktaś
 caturdhāsya svabhāvataḥ
naimittikaḥ — occasional; prākṛtikaḥ — elemental; nityaḥ — continuous; ātyantikaḥ — ultimate; layaḥ — annihilation; saṁsthā — the dissolution; iti — thus; kavibhiḥ — by learned scholars; proktaḥ — described; caturdhā — in four aspects; asya — of this universe; svabhāvataḥ — by the inherent energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
There are four types of cosmic annihilation — occasional, elemental, continuous and ultimate — all of which are effected by the inherent potency of the Supreme Lord. Learned scholars have designated this topic dissolution.