SB 12.6.68

yad u ha vāva vibudharṣabha savitar adas tapaty anusavanam ahar ahar āmnāya-vidhinopatiṣṭhamānānām akhila-durita-vṛjina- bījāvabharjana bhagavataḥ samabhidhīmahi tapana maṇḍalam.
yat — which; u ha vāva — indeed; vibudha-ṛṣabha — O chief of the demigods; savitaḥ — O lord of the sun; adaḥ — that; tapati — is glowing; anusavanam — at each of the junctures of the day (sunrise, noon and sunset); ahaḥ ahaḥ — each day; āmnāya-vidhinā — by the Vedic path, as passed down through disciplic succession; upatiṣṭhamānānām — of those who are engaged in offering prayer; akhila-durita — all sinful activities; vṛjina — the consequent suffering; bīja — and the original seed of such; avabharjana — O you who burn; bhagavataḥ — of the mighty controller; samabhidhīmahi — I meditate with full attention; tapana — O glowing one; maṇḍalam — upon the sphere.
O glowing one, O powerful lord of the sun, you are the chief of all the demigods. I meditate with careful attention on your fiery globe, because for those who offer prayers to you three times daily according to the Vedic method passed down through authorized disciplic succession, you burn away all sinful activities, all consequent suffering and even the original seed of desire.