SB 12.6.63

ity ukto gurur apy āha
 kupito yāhy alaṁ tvayā
viprāvamantrā śiṣyeṇa
 mad-adhītaṁ tyajāśv iti
iti — thus; uktaḥ — addressed; guruḥ — his spiritual master; api — indeed; āha — said; kupitaḥ — angry; yāhi — go away; alam — enough; tvayā — with you; vipra-avamantrā — the insulter of brāhmaṇas; śiṣyeṇa — such a disciple; mat-adhītam — what has been taught by me; tyaja — give up; āśu — immediately; iti — thus.
Addressed thus, the spiritual master Vaiśampāyana became angry and said: Go away from here! Enough of you, O disciple who insults brāhmaṇas! Furthermore, you must immediately give back everything I have taught you.

Śrī Vaiśampāyana was angry because one of his disciples, Yājñavalkya, was insulting the other disciples, who were, after all, qualified brāhmaṇas. Just as a father is disturbed when one son mistreats the father’s other children, the spiritual master is very displeased if a proud disciple insults or mistreats the guru’s other disciples.