SB 12.4.26

yathā jala-dharā vyomni
 bhavanti na bhavanti ca
brahmaṇīdaṁ tathā viśvam
 avayavy udayāpyayāt
yathā — just as; jala-dharāḥ — the clouds; vyomni — in the sky; bhavanti — are; na bhavanti — are not; ca — and; brahmaṇi — within the Absolute Truth; idam — this; tathā — similarly; viśvam — universe; avayavi — having parts; udaya — because of generation; apyayāt — and dissolution.
Just as clouds in the sky come into being and are then dispersed by the amalgamation and dissolution of their constituent elements, this material universe is created and destroyed within the Absolute Truth by the amalgamation and dissolution of its elemental, constituent parts.