SB 12.4.25

buddher jāgaraṇaṁ svapnaḥ
 suṣuptir iti cocyate
māyā-mātram idaṁ rājan
 nānātvaṁ pratyag-ātmani
buddheḥ — of intelligence; jāgaraṇam — waking consciousness; svapnaḥ — sleep; suṣuptiḥ — deep sleep; iti — thus; ca — and; ucyate — are called; māyā-mātram — merely illusion; idam — this; rājan — O King; nānātvam — the duality; pratyak-ātmani — experienced by the pure soul.
The three states of intelligence are called waking consciousness, sleep and deep sleep. But, my dear King, the variegated experiences created for the pure living entity by these different states are nothing more than illusion.

Pure Kṛṣṇa consciousness exists beyond the various stages of material awareness. Just as darkness vanishes in the presence of light, so illusory material intelligence, which is experienced as normal perception, dreaming and deep sleep, completely vanishes in the brilliant presence of pure Kṛṣṇa consciousness, the constitutional condition of every living entity.