SB 12.10.36

kāmo maharṣe sarvo ’yaṁ
 bhaktimāṁs tvam adhokṣaje
ā-kalpāntād yaśaḥ puṇyam
 ajarāmaratā tathā
kāmaḥ — desire; mahā-ṛṣe — O great sage; sarvaḥ — all; ayam — this; bhakti-mān — full of devotion; tvam — you; adhokṣaje — for the transcendental Personality of Godhead; ā-kalpa-antāt — up until the end of the day of Brahmā; yaśaḥ — fame; puṇyam — pious; ajara-amaratā — freedom from old age and death; tathā — also.
O great sage, because you are devoted to Lord Adhokṣaja, all your desires will be fulfilled. Until the very end of this creation cycle, you will enjoy pious fame and freedom from old age and death.