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SB 12.10.23

na hy am-mayāni tīrthāni
 na devāś cetanojjhitāḥ
te punanty uru-kālena
 yūyaṁ darśana-mātrataḥ
na — not; hi — indeed; ap-mayāni — consisting of sacred water; tīrthāni — holy places; na — not; devāḥ — deity forms of demigods; cetana-ujjhitāḥ — devoid of life; te — they; punanti — purify; uru-kālena — after a long time; yūyam — yourselves; darśana-mātrataḥ — simply by being seen.
Mere bodies of water do not constitute holy places, nor are lifeless statues of the demigods actual worshipable deities. Because external vision fails to appreciate the higher essence of the holy rivers and the demigods, these purify only after a considerable time. But devotees like you purify immediately, just by being seen.