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SB 12.1.38

tulya-kālā ime rājan
 mleccha-prāyāś ca bhū-bhṛtaḥ
ete ’dharmānṛta-parāḥ
 phalgu-dās tīvra-manyavaḥ
tulya-kālāḥ — ruling at the same time; ime — these; rājan — O King Parīkṣit; mleccha-prāyāḥ — mostly outcastes; ca — and; bhū-bhṛtaḥ — kings; ete — these; adharma — to irreligion; anṛta — and untruthfulness; parāḥ — dedicated; phalgu-dāḥ — giving little benefit to their subjects; tīvra — fierce; manyavaḥ — their anger.
There will be many such uncivilized kings ruling at the same time, O King Parīkṣit, and they will all be uncharitable, possessed of fierce tempers, and great devotees of irreligion and falsity.