SB 11.30.9

vidhir eṣa hy ariṣṭa-ghno
 maṅgalāyanam uttamam
deva-dvija-gavāṁ pūjā
 bhūteṣu paramo bhavaḥ
vidhiḥ — the prescribed process; eṣaḥ — this; hi — indeed; ariṣṭa — inauspicious obstacles; ghnaḥ — which destroys; maṅgala-ayanam — which brings good fortune; uttamam — the best; deva — of the demigods; dvija — brāhmaṇas; gavām — and cows; pūjā — worship; bhūteṣu — among living beings; paramaḥ — excellent; bhavaḥ — rebirth.
This is indeed the appropriate process for counteracting our imminent adversity, and it is sure to bring about the highest good fortune. Such worship of the demigods, brāhmaṇas and cows can earn the highest birth for all living entities.