SB 11.27.52

pratiṣṭhayā sārvabhaumaṁ
 sadmanā bhuvana-trayam
pūjādinā brahma-lokaṁ
 tribhir mat-sāmyatām iyāt
pratiṣṭhayā — by having installed the Deity; sārva-bhaumam — sovereignty over the entire earth; sadmanā — by building a temple for the Lord; bhuvana-trayam — rulership over the three worlds; pūjā-ādinā — by worship and other service; brahma-lokam — the planet of Lord Brahmā; tribhiḥ — by all three; mat-sāmyatām — the status of equality with Me (by having a transcendental, spiritual body similar to Mine); iyāt — he attains.
By installing the Deity of the Lord one becomes king of the entire earth, by building a temple for the Lord one becomes ruler of the three worlds, by worshiping and serving the Deity one goes to the planet of Lord Brahmā, and by performing all three of these activities one achieves a transcendental form like My own.