SB 11.26.22

athāpi nopasajjeta
 strīṣu straiṇeṣu cārtha-vit
 manaḥ kṣubhyati nānyathā
atha api — yet therefore; na upasajjeta — he should never make contact; strīṣu — with women; straiṇeṣu — with men who are attached to women; ca — or; artha-vit — one who knows what is best for him; viṣaya — of the objects of enjoyment; indriya — with the senses; saṁyogāt — because of the connection; manaḥ — the mind; kṣubhyati — becomes agitated; na — not; anyathā — otherwise.
Yet even one who theoretically understands the actual nature of the body should never associate with women or with men attached to women. After all, the contact of the senses with their objects inevitably agitates the mind.