SB 11.26.15

puṁścalyāpahṛtaṁ cittaṁ
 ko nv anyo mocituṁ prabhuḥ
ātmārāmeśvaram ṛte
 bhagavantam adhokṣajam
puṁścalyā — by a prostitute; apahṛtam — stolen; cittam — the intelligence; kaḥ — who; nu — indeed; anyaḥ — other person; mocitum — to free; prabhuḥ — is capable; ātma-ārāma — of the self-satisfied sages; īśvaram — the Lord; ṛte — except for; bhagavantam — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; adhokṣajam — who lies beyond the purview of material senses.
Who but the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who lies beyond material perception and is the Lord of self-satisfied sages, can possibly save my consciousness, which has been stolen by a prostitute?