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SB 11.24.21

virāṇ mayāsādyamāno
pañcatvāya viśeṣāya
 kalpate bhuvanaiḥ saha
virāṭ — the universal form; mayā — by Me; āsādyamānaḥ — being pervaded; loka — of the planets; kalpa — of repeated creation, maintenance and destruction; vikalpakaḥ — manifesting the variety; pañcatvāya — the elemental manifestation of creation of the five elements; viśeṣāya — in varieties; kalpate — is capable of displaying; bhuvanaiḥ — with the different planets; saha — being endowed.
I am the basis of the universal form, which displays endless variety through the repeated creation, maintenance and destruction of the planetary systems. Originally containing within itself all planets in their dormant state, My universal form manifests the varieties of created existence by arranging the coordinated combination of the five elements.

According to Śrīla Śrīdhara Svāmī, the word mayā refers to the Lord in His form as eternal time.