SB 11.23.49

dehaṁ mano-mātram imaṁ gṛhītvā
 mamāham ity andha-dhiyo manuṣyāḥ
eṣo ’ham anyo ’yam iti bhrameṇa
 duranta-pāre tamasi bhramanti
deham — the material body; manaḥ-mātram — coming simply from the mind; imam — this; gṛhītvā — having accepted; mama — mine; aham — I; iti — thus; andha — blinded; dhiyaḥ — their intelligence; manuṣyāḥ — human beings; eṣaḥ — this; aham — I am; anyaḥ — someone else; ayam — this is; iti — thus; bhrameṇa — by the illusion; duranta-pāre — unsurpassable; tamasi — within the darkness; bhramanti — they wander.
Persons who identify with this body, which is simply the product of the material mind, are blinded in their intelligence, thinking in terms of “I” and “mine.” Because of their illusion of “this is I, but that is someone else,” they wander in endless darkness.