SB 11.21.20

kaler durviṣahaḥ krodhas
 tamas tam anuvartate
tamasā grasyate puṁsaś
 cetanā vyāpinī drutam
kaleḥ — from quarrel; durviṣahaḥ — intolerable; krodhaḥ — anger; tamaḥ — ignorance; tam — that anger; anuvartate — follows; tamasā — by ignorance; grasyate — is seized; puṁsaḥ — of a man; cetanā — the consciousness; vyāpinī — broad; drutam — swiftly.
From quarrel arises intolerable anger, followed by the darkness of ignorance. This ignorance quickly overtakes a man’s broad intelligence.

The desire for material association arises from one’s propensity to deny that everything is God’s energy. Falsely imagining material sense objects to be separate from the Supreme Lord, one desires to enjoy them; such desire gives rise to conflict and quarrel in human society. This conflict inevitably gives rise to great anger, which makes human beings become foolish and destructive. Thus the actual goal of human life is quickly forgotten.