SB 10.9.16

yadāsīt tad api nyūnaṁ
 tenānyad api sandadhe
tad api dvy-aṅgulaṁ nyūnaṁ
 yad yad ādatta bandhanam
yadā — when; āsīt — became; tat api — even the new rope that had been joined; nyūnam — still short; tena — then, with the second rope; anyat api — another rope also; sandadhe — she joined; tat api — that also; dvi-aṅgulam — by a measurement of two fingers; nyūnam — remained short; yat yat ādatta — in this way, one after another, whatever ropes she joined; bandhanam — for binding Kṛṣṇa.
This new rope also was short by a measurement of two fingers, and when another rope was joined to it, it was still two fingers too short. As many ropes as she joined, all of them failed; their shortness could not be overcome.