SB 10.88.30

yadi naḥ śravaṇāyālaṁ
 yuṣmad-vyavasitaṁ vibho
bhaṇyatāṁ prāyaśaḥ pumbhir
 dhṛtaiḥ svārthān samīhate
yadi — if; naḥ — Our; śravaṇāya — for the hearing; alam — suitable; yuṣmat — your; vyavasitam — intention; vibho — O powerful one; bhaṇyatām — please tell; prāyaśaḥ — usually; pumbhiḥ — with persons; dhṛtaiḥ — taken help of; sva — one’s own; arthān — purposes; samīhate — one accomplishes.
O mighty one, please tell Us what you intend to do, if We are qualified to hear it. Usually one accomplishes his purposes by taking help from others.

Even an envious demon will not refuse the help of a brāhmaṇa’s potency to gain his ends.