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SB 10.88.24

tenopasṛṣṭaḥ santrastaḥ
 parādhāvan sa-vepathuḥ
yāvad antaṁ divo bhūmeḥ
 kaṣṭhānām udagād udak
tena — by him; upasṛṣṭaḥ — being pursued; santrastaḥ — terrified; parādhāvan — fleeing; sa — with; vepathuḥ — trembling; yāvat — as far as; antam — the ends; divaḥ — of the sky; bhūmeḥ — of the earth; kāṣṭhānām — and of the directions; udagāt — he went swiftly; udak — from the north.
As the demon pursued him, Lord Śiva fled swiftly from his abode in the north, shaking with terror. He ran as far as the limits of the earth, the sky and the corners of the universe.