SB 10.86.33

ko nu tvac-caraṇāmbhojam
 evaṁ-vid visṛjet pumān
niṣkiñcanānāṁ śāntānāṁ
 munīnāṁ yas tvam ātma-daḥ
kaḥ — who; nu — at all; tvat — Your; caraṇa-ambhojam — lotus feet; evam — like this; vit — being in knowledge; visṛjet — would abandon; pumān — person; niṣkiñcanānām — for those who have no material possessions; śāntānām — who are peaceful; munīnām — sages; yaḥ — who; tvam — You; ātma — Yourself; daḥ — giving.
What person who knows this truth would ever abandon Your lotus feet, when You are ready to give Your very self to peaceful sages who call nothing their own?