SB 10.86.19

tatra tatra tam āyāntaṁ
 paurā jānapadā nṛpa
upatasthuḥ sārghya-hastā
 grahaiḥ sūryam ivoditam
tatra tatra — in each place; tam — Him; āyāntam — as He was coming; paurāḥ — city residents; jānapadāḥ — and village residents; nṛpa — O King (Parīkṣit); upatasthuḥ — came forward to greet Him; sa — with; arghya — water to offer as a token of respect; hastāḥ — in their hands; grahaiḥ — by the planets; sūryam — the sun; iva — as; uditam — risen.
In every city and town the Lord passed along the way, O King, the people came forward to worship Him with offerings of arghya water in their hands, as if to worship the risen sun surrounded by planets.

Here the sages traveling with Kṛṣṇa on His chariot are likened to planets around the sun.