SB 10.84.8

uvāca sukham āsīnān
 bhagavān dharma-gup-tanuḥ
sadasas tasya mahato
 yata-vāco ’nuśṛṇvataḥ
uvāca — said; sukham — comfortably; āsīnān — to them who were seated; bhagavān — the Supreme Lord; dharma — of religion; gup — the means of protection; tanuḥ — whose body; sadasaḥ — in the assembly; tasya — that; mahataḥ — to the great souls; yata — subdued; vācaḥ — whose speech; anuśṛṇvataḥ — as they listened carefully.
After the sages were comfortably seated, the Supreme Lord Kṛṣṇa, whose transcendental body protects religious principles, addressed them in the midst of that great assembly. Everyone listened silently with rapt attention.