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SB 10.84.48

tābhir dukūla-valayair
sv-alaṅkṛtābhir vibabhau
 dīkṣito ’jina-saṁvṛtaḥ
tābhiḥ — with them; dukūla — with silk saris; valayaiḥ — and bangles; hāra — wearing necklaces; nūpura — ankle bells; kuṇḍalaiḥ — and earrings; su — finely; alaṅkṛtābhiḥ — decorated; vibabhau — he shone brilliantly; dīkṣitaḥ — having been initiated; ajina — by a deerskin; saṁvṛtaḥ — enwrapped.
Vasudeva received initiation along with his wives, who wore silk saris and were adorned with bangles, necklaces, ankle bells and earrings. With his body wrapped in a deerskin, Vasudeva shone splendidly.