SB 10.84.36

cittasyopaśamo ’yaṁ vai
 kavibhiḥ śāstra-cakṣusā
darśitaḥ su-gamo yogo
 dharmaś cātma-mud-āvahaḥ
cittasya — of the mind; upaśamaḥ — the pacification; ayam — this; vai — indeed; kavibhiḥ — by learned scholars; śāstra — of scripture; cakṣuṣā — with the eye; darśitaḥ — shown; su-gamaḥ — easily performed; yogaḥ — means of attaining liberation; dharmaḥ — religious duty; ca — and; ātma — to the heart; mut — pleasure; āvahaḥ — which brings.
Learned authorities who see through the eye of scripture have demonstrated that this is the easiest method of subduing the agitated mind and attaining liberation, and that it is a sacred duty which brings joy to the heart.