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SB 10.83.22

ādāya vyasṛjan kecit
 sajyaṁ kartum anīśvarāḥ
ā-koṣṭhaṁ jyāṁ samutkṛṣya
 petur eke ’munāhatāḥ
ādāya — after picking up; vyasṛjan — let go; kecit — some of them; sajyam — strung; kartum — to make it; anīśvarāḥ — unable; ā-koṣṭham — up to the tip (of the bow); jyām — the bowstring; samutkṛṣya — having pulled; petuḥ — fell down; eke — some; amunā — by it (the bow); hatāḥ — hit.
Some of them picked up the bow but could not string it, and so they threw it aside in frustration. Some managed to pull the bowstring toward the tip of the bow, only to have the bow spring back and knock them to the ground.