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SB 10.81.15

aho brahmaṇya-devasya
 dṛṣṭā brahmaṇyatā mayā
yad daridratamo lakṣmīm
 āśliṣṭo bibhratorasi
Word for word: 
aho — ah; brahmaṇya — who is dedicated to brāhmaṇas; devasya — of the Supreme Lord; dṛṣṭa — seen; brahmaṇyatā — the devotion to brāhmaṇas; mayā — by me; yat — inasmuch; daridra-tamaḥ — the poorest person; lakṣmīm — the goddess of fortune; āśliṣṭaḥ — embraced; bibhratā — by Him who carries; urasi — on His chest.
[Sudāmā thought:] Lord Kṛṣṇa is known to be devoted to the brāhmaṇas, and now I have personally seen this devotion. Indeed, He who carries the goddess of fortune on His chest has embraced the poorest beggar.