SB 10.80.8

pati-vratā patiṁ prāha
 mlāyatā vadanena sā
daridraṁ sīdamānā vai
 vepamānābhigamya ca
pati-vratā — faithful to her husband; patim — to her husband; prāha — she said; mlāyatā — drying up; vadanena — with her face; — she; daridram — poor; sīdamānā — distressed; vai — indeed; vepamānā — trembling; abhigamya — approaching; ca — and.
The chaste wife of the poverty-stricken brāhmaṇa once approached him, her face dried up because of her distress. Trembling with fear, she spoke as follows.

According to Śrīdhara Svāmī, the chaste lady was especially unhappy because she could not obtain food to feed her husband. Further, she was fearful to approach her husband because she knew that he did not want to beg for anything other than devotion to the Supreme Lord.