SB 10.79.27

tasmād ekatarasyeha
 yuvayoḥ sama-vīryayoḥ
na lakṣyate jayo ’nyo vā
 viramatv aphalo raṇaḥ
tasmāt — therefore; ekatarasya — of either of the two; iha — here; yuvayoḥ — of you; sama — equal; vīryayoḥ — whose prowess; na lakṣyate — cannot be seen; jayaḥ — victory; anyaḥ — the opposite (defeat); — or; viramatu — it should stop; aphalaḥ — fruitless; raṇaḥ — the battle.
Since you are so evenly matched in fighting prowess, I do not see how either of you can win or lose this duel. Therefore please stop this useless battle.