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SB 10.79.2

tato ’medhya-mayaṁ varṣaṁ
 balvalena vinirmitam
abhavad yajña-śālāyāṁ
 so ’nvadṛśyata śūla-dhṛk
tataḥ — then; amedhya — abominable things; mayam — full of; varṣam — a rain; balvalena — by Balvala; vinirmitam — produced; abhavat — occurred; yajña — of the sacrifice; śālāyām — upon the arena; saḥ — he, Balvala; anvadṛśyata — appeared after this; śūla — a trident; dhṛk — carrying.
Next, onto the sacrificial arena came a downpour of abominable things sent by Balvala, after which the demon himself appeared, trident in hand.