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SB 10.77.14

taṁ ca ṣoḍaśabhir viddhvā
 bānaiḥ saubhaṁ ca khe bhramat
avidhyac chara-sandohaiḥ
 khaṁ sūrya iva raśmibhiḥ
tam — him, Śālva; ca — and; ṣoḍaśabhiḥ — with sixteen; viddhvā — piercing; bāṇaiḥ — arrows; saubham — Saubha; ca — also; khe — in the sky; bhramat — wandering; avidhyat — He struck; śara — of arrows; sandohaiḥ — with torrents; kham — the sky; sūryaḥ — the sun; iva — as; raśmibhiḥ — with its rays.
Lord Kṛṣṇa then pierced Śālva with sixteen arrows and struck the Saubha airship with a deluge of arrows as it darted about the sky. Firing His arrows, the Lord appeared like the sun flooding the heavens with its rays.