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SB 10.72.37

te vai gade bhuja-javena nipātyamāne
 anyonyato ’ṁsa-kaṭi-pāda-karoru-jatrum
cūrṇī-babhūvatur upetya yathārka-śākhe
 saṁyudhyator dviradayor iva dīpta-manvyoḥ
te — they; vai — indeed; gade — the two clubs; bhuja — of their arms; javena — by the rapid force; nipātyamāne — being powerfully swung; anyonyataḥ — against one another; aṁsa — their shoulders; kaṭi — hips; pāda — feet; kara — hands; ūru — thighs; jatrum — and collarbones; cūrṇī — crushed; babhūvatuḥ — became; upetya — contacting; yathā — as; arka-śākhe — two branches of arka trees; saṁyudhyatoḥ — fighting vigorously; dviradayoḥ — of a pair of elephants; iva — as; dīpta — inflamed; manvyoḥ — whose anger.
They swung their clubs at each other with such speed and force that as the clubs struck their shoulders, hips, feet, hands, thighs and collarbones, the weapons were crushed and broken like branches of arka trees with which two enraged elephants furiously attack each other.