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SB 10.68.11

taṁ tu te virathaṁ cakruś
 catvāraś caturo hayān
ekas tu sārathiṁ jaghne
 cicchedaṇyaḥ śarāsanam
tam — him; tu — but; te — they; viratham — deprived of his chariot; cakruḥ — made; catvāraḥ — four; caturaḥ — four of them; hayān — horses; ekaḥ — one; tu — and; sārathim — the chariot driver; jaghne — struck; cicheda — split; anyaḥ — another; śara-asanam — his bow.
But they forced him down from his chariot, and thereupon four of them struck his four horses, one of them struck down his chariot driver, and another broke his bow.