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SB 10.64.39

sva-dattāṁ para-dattāṁ vā
 brahma-vṛttiṁ harec ca yaḥ
 viṣṭhāyāṁ jāyate kṛmiḥ
sva — by himself; dattām — given; para — by another; dattām — given; — or; brahma-vṛttim — a brāhmaṇa’s property; haret — steals; ca — and; yaḥ — who; ṣaṣṭi — sixty; varṣa — of years; sahasrāṇi — thousands; viṣṭhāyām — in feces; jāyate — is born; kṛmiḥ — a worm.
Whether it be his own gift or someone else’s, a person who steals a brāhmaṇa’s property will take birth as a worm in feces for sixty thousand years.