SB 10.63.42

yas tvāṁ visṛjate martya
 ātmānaṁ priyam īśvaram
 viṣam atty amṛtaṁ tyajan
yaḥ — who; tvām — You; visṛjate — rejects; martyaḥ — mortal man; ātmānam — his true Self; priyam — dearmost; īśvaram — Lord; viparyaya — which are just the opposite; indriya-artha — of sense objects; artham — for the sake; viṣam — poison; atti — he eats; amṛtam — nectar; tyajan — avoiding.
That mortal who rejects You — his true Self, dearmost friend, and Lord — for the sake of sense objects, whose nature is just the opposite, refuses nectar and instead consumes poison.

The person described above is pitiable because he rejects that which is actually dear, the Lord, and accepts that which is not dear and is ungodly: temporary sense gratification, which leads to suffering and bewilderment.