SB 10.63.29

śrī-bhagavān uvāca
tri-śiras te prasanno ’smi
 vyetu te maj-jvarād bhayam
yo nau smarati saṁvādaṁ
 tasya tvan na bhaved bhayam
śrī-bhagavān uvāca — the Supreme Lord said; tri-śiraḥ — O three-headed one; te — with you; prasannaḥ — satisfied; asmi — I am; vyetu — may it go away; te — your; mat — My; jvarāt — of the fever weapon; bhayam — fear; yaḥ — whoever; nau — our; smarati — remembers; saṁvādam — the conversation; tasya — for him; tvat — of you; na bhavet — there will not be; bhayam — fear.
The Supreme Lord said: O three-headed one, I am pleased with you. May your fear of My fever weapon be dispelled, and may whoever remembers our conversation here have no reason to fear you.

Here the Lord accepts the Śiva-jvara as His devotee and gives him his first order — that he should never frighten, by hot fever, those who faithfully hear this pastime of the Lord’s.