SB 10.60.48

vyūḍhāyāś cāpi puṁścalyā
 mano ’bhyeti navaṁ navam
budho ’satīṁ na bibhṛyāt
 tāṁ bibhrad ubhaya-cyutaḥ
vyūḍhāyāḥ — of a woman who is married; ca — and; api — even; puṁścalyāḥ — promiscuous; manaḥ — the mind; abhyeti — is attracted; navam navam — to newer and newer (lovers); budhaḥ — one who is intelligent; asatīm — an unchaste woman; na bibhryāt — should not maintain; tām — her; bibhrat — maintaining; ubhaya — from both (good fortune in this world and in the next); cyutaḥ — fallen.
The mind of a promiscuous woman always hankers for new lovers, even if she is married. An intelligent man should not keep such an unchaste wife, for if he does he will lose his good fortune both in this life and the next.